Home Loan Calculator

Alliance Credit Baulkham Hills has a home loan calculator that can help you work out the repayments of any loan. We also have stamp duty calculators for any state in Australia and other handy number crunching. Call us to discuss your individual situation and we will help you. Whether you want a car loan, new home loan, investment home loan or plant and equipment, we have the lenders that suit. Lets discuss today.

• Loan Repayments
• P & I or Interest only
• Bi-monthly Repayments
• Extra Repayments
• Split Loan
• Lump Sum Payment
• Mortgage Offset
• Remaining Balance
• Loan Comparison
• Reverse Mortgage
• How Long to Repay
• Borrowing Capacity
• Comparison Rate
• Reduce My Mortgage
• Savings Target
• Budget
• Lease
• Savings
• Stamp Duty
• Income Tax


Enjoyed using our home loan calculator and other financial calculators? When you are ready, give us a call to discuss your situation and how we can help you. Contact us to answer any commonly asked questions or loan scenarios.

home loan calculator